Friday, December 2, 2011

Top Ten Things NOT to do at the Office Holiday Party

When planning the office holiday bash this year, Raise The Bar is providing a quick cheat sheet listing a few things NOT to do:

10. Wear a holiday sweater.

9. Shovel shrimp from the buffet table like its your last meal.

8. Drink too much and scare the interns.

7. Wear a mistletoe headband.

6. Raid the open bar like its an ex's wedding reception.

5. Hit on a co-worker's spouse.

4. Go up to the boss and make a comparison with him and Santa
     because he's fat, jolly and only works out one day a year.

3. Karaoke.

2. Dance

AND.........the Number One Thing NOT to do at the Office Holiday Party:

Forget to call Raise The Bar!!

Don't rely on anyone else behind the bar.  Because.......Do you really want the IT guys making your drinks?

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