Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Holiday Party Conundrum Solved

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving is over. December is less than 48 hours away. This means shopping, baking, wrapping, school programs, church pageants and the holiday party at work. You have been thinking about showing off the new kitchen remodel by throwing a shindig of your own. There are friends to catch up with that you just haven't had the time to see much over the past 6 months due to the frenzied pace of life. A fun, festive and night with friends sounds fabulous so you called the caterer the neighbors suggested and the menu looks great. The guest list is done. The date set.

Now for the bar. Wine, a keg or two of some great local brew and  some hard stuff  to create some Christmas cheer as well as celebrate a great 2011. Perfect!

But wait, what about the entire bottle of vodka cousin Freddy polished off at Thanksgiving and the co-worker that always starts singing after a bottle of wine? Ugh!

And the last thing you want to do during the party is make sure the really young-looking girl your nephew is dating is not drinking Long Islands. And when the keg needs changed, do you really want to interrupt your time with the friends you never see to go change it?

A bartender would be the answer. But how tacky is it to ask someone from the party? Sure, your friend from the gym is a bartender and would do it, but he gets enough of that and would love to enjoy himself and not feel like he is at work again.

Hmmm, you remember your spouse's company had a great bartender from Raise The Bar last year. She was fun, friendly and totally on the ball with everything. No one was staggering or out of control but everyone was having a fantastic time. She made up some new, fun cocktails and shots for everyone to  try and as you were leaving, she had everything cleaned up, put away and was visiting with some people who wanted her for their wedding.

Perfect. You can now relax knowing that both the food and the alcohol service is taken care of. Raise The Bar is your choice this year. You have the peace of mind knowing that your holiday party bartender will be professional and responsible but fun, outgoing and fit right in with your social circle.

Hmmmmmm, and you may even have that extra martini or two while you are looking out the window at the snow covered peaks and celebrating with the people you love and care for the most this season.

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